This site contains a list of Shockwave Flash client files in order of when they were added, including manipulated versions that demonstrate the abilities of reverse engineering. This will also include game files that existed at the time of the new SWF build.

Uploaded Builds

The following downloads contain client data, along with a manipulated client and header list. The manipulated file is addressed as "cracked" which has removed encryption and hosts protection, for educational purposes only.

The file which has been addressed as patched is the original SWF, but with RSA keys replaced and hosts protection removed, the RSA keys can be found in the zip file.

The fike which has been addressed as cracked is the original SWF but with all RC4 and RSA disabled.

The file Messages.txt contains its incoming/outgoing headers and its hashes, the hashes are so they can be compared across multiple versions.

(File size: 23.20 MB) Downloads: 57

(File size: 23.20 MB) Downloads: 66

(File size: 23.20 MB) Downloads: 55

(File size: 23.20 MB) Downloads: 29

This list gets updated automatically when a new SWF build has been released. (Credits to Arachis for HabKit, the program which dumps the headers and modifies the flash file).